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Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusion offers Zepbound™ and tirzepatide injections, two FDA-approved weight loss drugs. The skilled weight loss experts in Katy, Texas, prescribe Zepbound or tirzepatide along with healthy lifestyle changes to help people reach their weight loss goals. Call Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusion today to book your appointment online.

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How is Zepbound different from Wegovy®?

Zepbound and Wegovy are both injectable medications designed to promote weight loss, but they work in different ways:

Wegovy - Wegovy is a ‘single-agonist’ drug that activates vital hormone pathways in the body. Awakening these pathways helps control blood sugar levels and reduces appetite.

Zepbound - Zepbound is a ‘dual-agonist’ drug, meaning it activates even more of those crucial hormone pathways. As a result, people on Zepbound tend to lose more weight and see better results.

Like Wegovy, Zepbound reduces appetite and helps keep blood sugar levels in check, but it provides greater benefits for some people.*

Who is a candidate for Zepbound weight loss treatment?

To qualify for Zepbound weight loss treatment, you must have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher or a BMI of at least 27 and one or more weight-related medical conditions. Examples include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. 

Since Zepbound is a relatively new treatment, the weight loss experts at Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusion don’t just recommend it to anyone. First, they complete a comprehensive physical exam and order lab work to gain insights into your health.

Your provider develops a personalized Zepbound treatment plan if you meet all the necessary prerequisites. 

What does Zepbound weight loss treatment involve?

The weight loss experts at Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusion always prescribe Zepbound injections alongside a medical weight loss plan. Zepbound can provide excellent results, but you must commit to a healthy lifestyle to maintain lasting weight loss progress.

No two medical weight loss treatment plans are exactly alike, but they typically include:
Nutritional guidance. Losing weight requires you to eat a more balanced and nutritious diet. Your Memorial Health Urgent Care and Infusion provider teaches you how to make better snack and meal choices that help complement your progress.

Exercise recommendations

Regular exercise is a key component of medical weight loss. Your provider makes exercise recommendations that align with your health and current level of physical fitness.

Weekly Zepbound injections

During Zepbound treatment, you administer at-home injections once a week. For best results, it’s crucial to inject the drug around the same time. This ensures there’s a steady amount of Zepbound in your body so the treatment works effectively.

What is Tirzepatide?

Tirzepatide is the generic name for Zepbound and here at Memorial Health Urgent Care, we are able to order a compounded tirzepatide at a fraction of the cost of brand name Zepbound which typically cost >$1000

How much does Zepbound/Tirzepatide injections cost?

$150/month $350 for month 1 $100/week for month 1

Virtual or in-person consultation

Order for lab work

Prescription sent to pharmacy.

Link to manufacturer coupon provided if needed.

Self-inject weekly

Monthly check-in

No pre-authorization paperwork

Virtual or in-person consultation

Order for lab work

1-month supply of medication and needles

Medication shipped to home/clinic

Self-inject weekly

Monthly check-in

Virtual or in-person consultation

Order for lab work

In clinic administration weekly

Medication shipped to the clinic

Staff inject weekly

Weekly check-in

Qualifications for Zepbound/Tirzepatide weight loss program.

BMI of >30
BMI of >27 with a chronic medical condition like Hypertension, Diabetes or high cholesterol
Need recent lab work-which can be done in clinic if needed
No history of Medullary Thyroid cancer or pancreatitis
Cost of medication after first month increases by $75 each month—subject to change


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